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Shop deals (10 posters +1 Sample) 2015 Hip Hop Subway Calendar (Pre-order 11/1 Release)

10 posters +1 Sample


PRE-ORDER NOW! (To be released 11/1/2014)

The most HIP HOP Calendar you can get for 2015 is here!!
We are back with better paper quality and a bigger size!!! (515mm × 728mm)!

In essence, it pays tribute to the great MCs and DJs from the US and Japan, including Slick Rick, Run D.M.C., BDP up to Nas, Wu-Tang Clan and Kanye West. This calender has all of the legends scattered as train stations based on the Japanese subway map and allocations were carefully picked depending on the artist. As an example Public Enemy is located where the Congress Building is on the map and of course 2 Live Crew is replacing Disney Land. 

The Calendar comes with a metro card-sized plastic sticker that you can stick on your Suica train card.



B2サイズ (515mm × 728mm)の良質厚紙。
もちろん国会議事堂にはPublic Enemy、成田空港はKashi Da Handsome やFlying Lotus、Disney Landは2 Live Crew、そしてBlack Moonは月島と所々に微笑ましいポイントが隠されている。
カレンダーの横に見える方位磁石はBlack Sheepのジャケをサンプリング。


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