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DJ SARASA a.k.a. Silverboombox
(Director & Designer of Mynority Classics/ Co-Producer
of group XXX$$$)

A B-Girl and DJ, SARASA grew up in NY and started her career as a radio DJ in Canada. Using her skills and careful song selection, SARASA currently spins all over the globe monthly, bringing you the best crossover mix of Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, Soul, House and Breakbeats!  SARASA’s fashion taste is the talk of the street and her original fashion style is continually featured on the covers of prominent music and fashion magazines.

NYで育ち、15歳よりブレイクダンスを始めた生粋のB-Girl。カナダでのラジオDJとしてのキャリアを経て現在はHip HopにFunk, Disco, Soul, BreakbeatsやHouseもクロスオーバーさせてしまう独自の選曲とDJスキルで、世界中を飛び回る。奇抜なファッションにも定評があり、さまざ まな雑誌でもその着こなしを披露している。

About Mynority Classics


“MYNORITY” is a word that was coined for individuals who follow their own beliefs, rather than those dictated by society and the status quo. People who choose to make their own path, as opposed to following the herd, are rare and will always be in the MYNORITY. <MYNORITY CLASSICS> is far from an ordinary women’s’ clothing line. Made in Japan, its products are bold and vibrant with a musically oriented style that brings out a woman’s true creative strength. <MYNORITY CLASSICS> is soon to become the CLASSIC street wear for the street-smart MYNORITY....

Have you ever found clothes that you really liked, only to learn that they were only available in men’s sizes? What about being super disappointed when your favorite men’s clothing line starts a women’s line, but suddenly they start featuring hearts, childish teddy bears and pastel colors? If you feel me, <MYNORITY CLASSICS> may be your last resort. <MYNORITY CLASSICS> is made by women, for women whose taste conflicts with the socially constructed image of how a “woman” should look and be. Let <MYNORITY CLASSICS> contribute to the fashion world today with a fresh style of our own.


国内外問わず、最新の情報が飛び交うクラブシーンを引っ張りながら数々のメディアでその奇抜なファッションがピックアップされているDJ SARASAと「和と洋」を大切に服のリメイクやデザインをこなすA$AMI ONEがタッグを組み、生み出されたブランド<MYNORITY CLASSICS>。音楽が大好きで、ありのままの自分を愛し、自立心の強いちょっとトムボーイな女性達に作られた、現場の人の声が生きたウェア。多数の男性からの要望に応え、今年からはメンズサイズの展開も初め広がりを見せている。


それは「Minority (少数派)」ではなく「MYnority(自分派)」である事。そして「CLASSICS(定番)」である事。時を問わない永遠のスタイルを心がけている。


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